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Saturday, 11 June 2011

No sign of Nessie

Having escaped the Loch Ness monster I'm just passing the Cromarty Firth now. My wife says that's because she's got the monster at home - I have no idea what she means; do you Sal? I have heard you ran away round the village the other night and I'll need to get you back under control. It's understandable - I'd be missing me too. Not long now Sal.
Yesterday was lovely weather for a change - hoorah! Very warm and sunny; a different world to the rain I've been in.
Although I've decided I never want to stop at a Youth Hostel again after last night. I had to share a room with four other people who were drunk and noisy. I had a lot of busy road walking along an A road, which was not very pleasant and made my feet very sore. End of grumbles :o(
Today is fine again. I've just been to a lovely charity cafe place in Edmorton? (or something like that) where they plied me with cake and tea and then got a £25 donation together for our Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research funds - a big thank you to them :o)
Must carry on now as I want to reach Dornoch tonight. Here's a few pics to show you what you're missing.
A lovely view ......of a windfarm ...

The biggest cairns I've seen

views that make you go WOW!

for miles and miles (about 1000 so far!)

I'm being good really - don't listen to the stories

Some good spots for wild camping up here

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